Business Engagement Opportunities

Interest in giving back to our community via the Fremont Area Big Give has increased from businesses over the past few years. In response to this trend, the Fremont Area Big Give has expanding its features to include two clear, easy opportunities for businesses in our community to participate in meaningful ways.

Two Engagement Opportunities

Business Fundraiser:

  • Encourage employees to give (a.k.a. Employee Engagement Program)
  • Requires a commitment that you will be providing a specific dollar amount to match employee giving. Matching funds are a great way to show your support for the Fremont Area Big Give and are especially motivating when your employees see their dollar going further and having greater impact.

Donation Match/Challenge:

  • Support a specific nonprofit organization with a donation match/challenge
  • Requires financial donation from the business to a specific nonprofit organization

Download printable Business Engagement Opportunity flyer

Business Fundraiser (Employee Engagement Program):

As a Fremont Area Big Give business fundraiser, you empower your employees to give back to the community where they live, work and play. Your company can also boost employee giving by offering matching dollars during the Fremont Area Big Give. The platform provides an easy, fun and efficient way for your entire company to help local nonprofits.

→  Benefits & Opportunities:

  • A dedicated link to share with employees to get more information about the Fremont Area Big Give and your businesses matching matching opportunities 
  • A dedicated dashboard to track employee giving and your matching initiatives
  • Your business will be included on the business fundraiser leaderboard on the Fremont Area Big Give website
  • Community visibility: your company name/logo on the Fremont Area Big Give website
  • Business Fundraising toolkit, including templates for flyers/posters, social media and email communications
  • Customer support to help set up your online giving page and throughout the campaign

**Deadline to register is May 1 although earlier registration is encouraged**

To Register and View Resources - Click Here   

Donation Match/Challenge for a Specific Nonprofit Organization:

In this option, a business identifies a nonprofit organization it wants to support directly through a donation match or challenge, which in turn incentivizes donors to make a greater impact to that nonprofit with their Fremont Area Big Give donation. Both match and challenge options are very customizable based on how a business wants to set them up.

→  Match: A 'sponsor match,' or simply a 'match,' is a pool of funds that a business donates to a specific nonprofit organization that raises a similar amount from other donors. This is intended to be used to amplify the amount raised by individual donors.

  • Example: ABC Corp. donated a $5,000 1 - to - 1 match to XYZ Nonprofit. XYZ Nonprofit will receive $1 from ABC Corp. for each $1 that is donated by supporters. XYZ Nonprofit can now promote this match from ABC Corp. as a chance for donors to double their impact: a $25 gift becomes a $50 gift, a $50 gift becomes $100, and so on. 

→  Challenge: A "challenge" is a gift that can be unlocked by meeting a goal. This goal can be measured by total dollars given or total donors engaged.

  • Example: XYZ Nonprofit sets a $3,000 fundraising goal for their campaign. ABC Corp. agrees to donate $1,000 dollars once the XYZ Nonprofit reaches their $3,000 goal. As soon as the XYZ Nonprofit reaches their goal, ABC Corp’s $1,000 donation will be "unlocked," or released, to the XYZ Nonprofit donation pool. This type of challenge is referred to as a "Dollar Challenge."

To set up a donation match and/or challenge for a specific nonprofit organization, contact the nonprofit organization you want to support. Once you and the nonprofit organization firm up the details of the match and/or challenge, the nonprofit organization will have the information and materials needed to set up that match and/or challenge into the Fremont Area Big Give platform via their Big Give Profile and admin dashboard.

Note your business' donation match/challenge will be an offline donation (cash or check) made directly to the nonprofit organization. You will not enter the match/challenge donation through the online donation system yourself.