Fremont Hope Center for Kids

The Hope Center for Kids faithfully inspires hope in the lives of youth through education, employability, collaboration and faith. The Hope-Fremont provides a safe after-school and summer program where students, grades 5-12, can take part in academic support and youth development, and receive bus transportation, snacks, field trips, college visits and more.

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Address: 555 W 23rd St
Fremont, NE 68025
Phone Number: 402-341-4673 ext. 1100
The Hope Center for Kids started with a vision in the heart of Pastor Ty Schenzel. He saw the need for hope in the lives of children who could not see beyond their circumstances. This vision became a reality in 1998 when The Hope-Omaha opened its doors. In 2014, The Hope Center for Kids expanded its impact and opened its second site in Pastor Ty's hometown of Fremont, Nebraska. The Hope Center for Kids serves over 2,700 youth, children and families each year through its two locations.

The Hope-Fremont serves youth, grades 5-12, with after-school and summer programming. On a weekly basis, members participate in small groups, Bible study and conflict resolution skills workshops. Youth are also given the opportunity to travel for college visits. In 2016, The Hope-Fremont launched differentiated programming for high school-aged youth. The newly added high school curriculum components include financial literacy and healthy relationship skills.

In 2017, The Hope-Fremont implemented the Youth Leadership and Opportunity Passport Programs. Youth Leadership, also called "Youth Voice," is a program for young people ages 14-25 who have experienced foster care, the Juvenile Justice system, homelessness or near-homelessness. The peer-to-peer support group discovers individual SPARKS, or passions, and learns how to be effective, positive and impactful leaders in the community. Members also have opportunities to travel across the state, representing Fremont and advocating for change. The group is looking for local peers like themselves to join their efforts.

Opportunity Passport is a unique matched savings program for "unconnected youth" which provides financial capability training and coaching. Participants gain experience with the banking system through a personal savings account and they earn up to a two-to-one match (with a $6,000 lifetime limit) when they purchase an approved asset that will help in the successful transition into adulthood.

"This past year I've been able to grow my relationship with the Lord and I've had Godly people to help me through that process. I know that He has a plan for me and a purpose - that I am going to go somewhere in life." -Ingrid, Member at The Hope-Fremont

"Jacoby is a new member this school year - and our first member who is in a wheelchair. He was very nervous about starting, but within his first day he was all smiles and really excited to be at The Hope. He takes himself out of the chair and onto the rec room couches during free time, and he moves onto the chairs during academic study time to work alongside his peers. Jacoby's mother shared that he expressed she comes too early to pick him up! He wants to stay later with the other kids." -Montana Renter, Volunteer Coordinator, The Hope-Fremont

"Maria, an eighth grade member, has been with us for three years. Last year, we gifted all our youth in Fremont with a devotional book for Christmas. Throughout the school year and summer, Maria started asking the staff some deep questions - and a lot of them. When we announced our program "theme" as G.O.A.T., or "God Over All Things," Maria ultimately took the step to really put God over all things in her life. We were rejoicing!" -Jonah Renter, Site Director, The Hope-Fremont

"Our Fremont friends help give hope to our youth like Sergio, an 11th grade student who, since becoming a member, is showing increased positive engagement at The Hope-Fremont. He recently asked to be taken to church, so he's been attending with our staff. He's also very helpful around the building, offering to help with vacuuming and taking out trash. Sergio's eagerness to help around The Hope Center for Kids has earned him multiple college visits." -Brenda Block, Executive Director, The Hope Center for Kids

"A number of students have learned what it really means to be in debt and that financial freedom is very important. They have learned the difference between having debt and having assets. We have put them through a few scenarios that challenge them to make decisions about finances to better their financial future. One student loves the idea of no debt and having assets so he can live life free from the stress that comes along with debt. They are learning a great deal about how to spend, save, and give with the finances that they have or will have in the near future!" -Financial Literacy Instructor