Fremont Hope Center for Kids

The Hope Center for Kids faithfully inspires hope in the lives of youth through education, employability, collaboration and faith. The Hope-Fremont provides a safe after-school and summer program where students, grades 5-12, can take part in academic support and youth development, and receive bus transportation, snacks, field trips, college visits and more.

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Address: 555 W 23rd St
Fremont, NE 68025
Phone Number:402-341-4673 ext. 1100
The Hope Center for Kids started with a vision in the heart of Pastor Ty Schenzel. He saw the need for hope in the lives of children who could not see beyond their circumstances. This vision became a reality in 1998 when The Hope-Omaha opened its doors. In 2014, The Hope Center for Kids expanded its impact and opened its second site in Pastor Ty's hometown of Fremont, Nebraska. The Hope Center for Kids serves over 2,700 youth, children and families each year through its two locations.

The Hope-Fremont serves youth, grades 5-12, with after-school and summer programming. In August 2016, The Hope-Fremont launched differentiated programming for high school-aged youth. The expansion is made possible by the addition of new staff dedicated to developing and facilitating programming and the renovation of space to provide a classroom and loft area. The new classroom provides an area, separate from 5th-8th grade programming, where high school members can have quiet study time with reduced distractions.

This new space allows for the addition of more members in the building, which was most needed during Academic Success Time. The additional classroom, with tables and chairs, white board and bulletin board and audiovisual equipment, is more conducive to the evening workshops provided to high school members. The newly added high school curriculum components include financial literacy and healthy relationship skills.

On a weekly basis, members also participate in small groups, Bible study and conflict resolution skills workshops. Learn more on the program tab.
"Before joining Hope, my grades were Cs and a senior my grades are currently As and Bs , which I am very proud of, and I am going to try very hard to keep them that way. I will be the first in my family to graduate high school and hopefully be the first to go to college, which I plan to do. I want my mom to be proud of me, and I also want to give a good example to my sisters." -Sandra, Fremont Senior

"A number of students have learned what it really means to be in debt and that financial freedom is very important. They have learned the difference between having debt and having assets. We have put them through a few scenarios that challenge them to make decisions about finances to better their financial future. One student loves the idea of no debt and having assets so he can live life free from the stress that comes along with debt. They are learning a great deal about how to spend, save, and give with the finances that they have or will have in the near future!" -Financial Literacy Instructor

"I'd love to tell you about the recent success of one of our Fremont youth. Tim is in the tenth grade, is hard-working-and since attending The Hope, loves setting goals and working towards achieving them. Tim will be the first one to tell you that he's a high-functioning autistic kid. Last fall, our staff set a social skill goal with Tim, along with his usual three academic goals. Month after month, Tim reached his academic goals, but did not achieve his social skill. As more time passed, I'm happy to share that Tim has successfully achieved his personal social skill goal! Time is all he needed. Tim continues to work hard and his peers and family are noticing his improved social skills at The Hope, at school and at home. Change doesn't happen overnight; life-transformation is an investment. Please know how much your generosity makes our life-impacting programs possible for kids like Tim." -Brenda Block, Executive Director, The Hope Center for Kids