Catz Angels CARE, LLC

The mission of CARE is to benefit the health and welfare of community cats through education, population control, minor medical services, and the securement of appropriate shelter and food sources.

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Address: 640 North L St
5560, NE 68025
Phone Number: 402-459-0405
CARE works to educate cat owners and the entire community about the importance of spay/neuter programs to effectively and humanely reduce the feral and community cat population in our area.

2018 was a big year for Catz Angels Rescue Effort. We were able to trap 732 of the Fremont area cats and spay or neuter them plus give them a rabies shot. That will greatly help in reducing the cat population and help end a lot of suffering. That's huge for such a small group of volunteers. We also had 338 adoptions of cats and kittens that were either born into our foster homes, brought in as babies and bottle-fed, as well as strays found that needed much needed TLC and vet care.

CARE has grown a lot in 2018 as far as volunteers, donations, fosters, adopters, transporters, Facebook, and Tractor Supply events. That list could go on and on. Without everyone that has helped, this would all simply still be a dream.

CARE cannot wait to see what the future brings for the Fremont area cats.
''Amazing the dedication you all have for the cats in Fremont. You show what working together can accomplish for a community and for these precious animals.'' -Shirley

''You guys ARE Awesome! We've needed this for a long time. Bless you and your efforts!!!!!'' -Deb

''This is from my 9-year-old son..."Mom, them cat people were awesome! So nice to us and understanding I have autism." I wasn't expecting to adopt a cat today but James has fit into our family. Thank you for being so patient while my kids asked a million questions!'' -Becky

''I have to say this to anyone who is considering adopting a kitty: PLEASE don't be afraid of adopting an adult cat. These ladies and gents NEED love and attention maybe more than the kittens. They are so much less likely to get adopted and that's so sad. Most have lived some pretty sad lives and it's time they get the spoiling and love an animal needs. Yes, they are trainable and yes they can acclimate to a loving household. You won't be stuck with a "bad kitty" if you have the love and attention to give. My Charlie-Cat was an adult when I got her and it's been a blessing to watch her transform to secure girl who knows she is safe. These volunteers spend a lot of time, money and effort to make sure you will get the best possible kitty. So PLEASE consider this when looking to adopt! With much love and purrrrrs!'' -Heather