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Camp Fontanelle-Impacting lives through an intentional Christian Community.

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Address: 9677 County Road 3
0, NE 68044
Phone Number: 402-478-4296
Camp Fontanelle is a camp of the United Methodist Church. During the summer, the camp offers resident camp programs for ages pre-school through adult. In 2017, a total of 10 faiths were represented during our summer camp programming, which emphasizes that Camp Fontanelle is for people of all faiths, trying to help people learn to be loving, caring and active in their communities. This is all done by having a lot of fun and giving campers the opportunity to listen for God's Voice.

Children who are in Pre-School through Second Grade attend summer camp with an adult and spend 24 or 48 hours getting a taste of all of the fun there is at Camp Fontanelle. This also gives adults a chance to see what happens during the summer at camp, a chance to spend time with a loved one and enjoy things like ziplining, hiking and worshiping.Camp Fontanelle creates programming to give families a chance to spend time together and make lasting memories.

Third Grade through a newly graduated High School youth could attend camps based on water activities, tree climbing, music/drama, the zoo, survivor activities like fire building, shelter building, Challenge Course and more. There is a sports camp, a camp for girls only and one for boys only. There is a camp for those who want to strengthen their faith and learn how to cope with grief. There really is something for everyone. Regular activities include archery, swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, helping to build self-esteem and confidence.

The camp also offers unique opportunities like Rope N Harness Tree Climbing, Low ropes Challenge Course, Laser Tag Games, Ziplining, a mission (service-based) camp and always activities which challenge campers to become better people and understand acts of kindness and service (volunteering.)

Camp Fontanelle believes in community support and offers an Easter Family Fun Day on Palm Sunday. Guests can tree climb, zipline*, dye hard-boiled eggs, participate in one of three Easter Egg Hunts, visit the Petting Barn, and have fun with other activities at the camp. Except for the zipline, the activities for the day are free to the public. (Half price Zipline-$5.00.)

In the fall, Camp Fontanelle has the oldest corn maze in Eastern Nebraska. In its 11th year, the corn maze and pumpkin patch is open for people from across the region to spend time in the country, walking through the corn, picking that perfect pumpkin, taking a ride on a hay rack, zipping across our zipline, playing Human Foosball or Mole Ball, riding in the Barrel Train, learning about animals in our Petting Barn area and so much more. It is a place for families and friends to get together and step away from the busy-ness of life. It is intentional programming to help families create memories, laugh and smile. Open on weekends in the fall, the Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch is used as a fundraiser to help Camp Fontanelle improve its programming and keeping its activities fun and exciting.

To kick off the corn maze season, Camp Fontanelle holds a Fall Family Fun Day and BBQ. This is a time for our summer campers to get back together and share stories, adults to meet up with others who have a love of camp, and a community open house for people to learn more about Camp Fontanelle. There is also a BBQ and live and silent auction which is a major fundraiser for the camp. Many activities through out the day are donation only and people are generous in their giving. (There is a fee for entrance to the corn maze, laser tag, zipline and concession stand. All other activities have a suggested donation or just a donation box.)

Camp Fontanelle is also available for rental by families, businesses, retreats and many types of groups and organizations.

In the winter, Camp Fontanelle offers Christmas Camp for kids ages 9-12. The camp is a 'blessing for those in need of a blessing' and is for someone who has circumstances in their life which makes them feel not very festive. There are many fun activities and the campers learn about giving and receiving.
Camp Fontanelle…

Where do I even start to describe how WONDERFUL this place is to me?? It has such deep meaning to me and is truly the place I feel the closest to God.

I started coming to camp Fontanelle when I was in about 2nd grade, I attended family camp that year and I remember a feeling I have never felt before. It was such a peace. I felt so loved and accepted, and even though we have always attended church and I was raised in a Methodist church the feelings I have when I am at camp can never quite be duplicated.

I feel so deeply about camp fontanelle that when I realized that the church my husband and I were married in and all of my kids were baptized in did not do a lot of promoting for camp fontanelle, that was a part of our decision to find a new church home.

I now have 3 children of my own, and I remember my mom calling me when my oldest daughter was about 6 years old (She is almost 15 now) and asking if she could take her to Guardian Angel camp. I of course agreed (even though I was a tad jealous that I could not get off work to go!) it was a wonderful experience for her. She came home with such wonderful memories and stories and has been going to camp ever since. She has grown not only spiritually while at camp but also emotionally.

I also have 2 other girls that are ages 8 and 10 and both started going to camp when they turned 5. I had an agreement with my husband that we would take turns taking them to Guardian angel camp, although when it came to his turn I only reluctantly let him go!! :( My girls literally come back from camp different children. All 3 of my girls LOVE camp as much as I do. In fact when you ask them the highlight of their summer, 9 times out of 10 Camp Fontanelle is in the top 2!!!!

They love it so much that they have each held birthday parties there.
They have shared stories, faith, and friendship.
They have welcomed and invited others that would never have gone to camp.
We have gone to the fall festival, the spring festival, we support the corn maze.
My husband volunteered his time helping to build the retaining walls for the camping caves.

My oldest daughter still talks on a daily basis to her friends from camp, and although miles separate them 11 months out of the year they still share memories they would never be able to get anywhere else, faith, friendship, and love for the Lord. They start talking about camping season for the next year as soon as they get home.They support each other and that is not always an easy task when you are a teenager.

All of my girls want to be counselors at camp someday.

Camp Fontanelle is almost a Sacred place for me.
It is Peace
It is Love
It is Joy
It is Connection
It is Comforting
It is Accepting
It is GOD!!!

Come check it out sometime… I promise you will not be disappointed.


Unto you, I delivered a stressed, struggling, anxious grandson who didn't want to come to camp because I wasn't going too and it wouldn't be any fun without me, who wasn't going to do the zip line because he was afraid of heights, who wasn't going to ice skate because he didn't know how, who had been having night terrors and walking in his sleep.

You returned to me a confident, excited glowing kid who can't wait to come back to camp next year, who survived the zip line twice with excitement because that was "the only way to get back", who enjoyed ice skating even though he fell and found the ice to be very cold, who "passed out" as soon as he hit the bed every night, who set his "personal best" for using only 1 pair of boxer shorts over 4 days, who couldn't stop talking about the new jumping pillow and improved water slide, who learned to share upper and lower bunk beds with grace, who apparently followed a schedule of activities, who comfortably slept by himself in the basement upon returning to the farm.

My grandson's mother, grandfather and I immediately felt and saw the 360 degrees of improved self-confidence and joy in his demeanor. You salvaged our beloved child. As my grandson and I watched the camp video one of the counselors walked by and patted him on the shoulder. That expression of connection so warmed my heart.
Thank you for your presence in my grandson's life. You have touched all of our lives. There are a younger brother and a cousin to share the joy of camp in the future just as their mothers had experienced those same memorable days. With love and thanksgiving, a grandson's Nana


I think it's really important that the counselors of "Man Camp" know the impact they made in my son's life that week. I'm always a firm believer that if you have changed one life, it was worth it. I hope they believe it, too. The life they changed means the world to me. Here's a recap of the conversation we had after camp on the drive home.
After my son showed me all the things he had done at camp, we headed back to the car and he reached for my hand and said, "I've changed." "I won't ever complain about going to Church again, mom." I asked him how he'd changed and he couldn't find the words to describe what happened to his heart. Earlier in the week I had said in an email to him that I'd prayed he would find God at camp like his older brother did.

I took a chance and asked him if he found God at camp and he replied, "yes." "I want to continue what I started and learned here at camp, Mom. God is important to me, he's in my heart."

I have no idea what you all do to make transformations like his and his brother's, but please keep doing it. I had to hide the tears in the car, but they are flowing again as I type this email. I am so incredibly thankful to all of you. You all are a wonderful group of men who answered God's call to influence young lives.

Thanks and God Bless, -A Grateful Mother


I just want to say "thank you" for the amazing camp experience that you gave my daughter this past week. She has been going to church and Sunday School every Sunday since she was a baby, and she knows all the Bible stories inside out, etc. She's an all-around good kid. But I gave you a spiritual child and you returned to me a spiritual young adult. The depth of the conversations that we had on the way home from camp and then in the car on the way over to my Mom's to pick up her sisters took me a bit by surprise. She matured in her faith immeasurably in the 3 days she spent with you. It is a wonderful thing to watch a child grow in God - but you guys know that because I'm sure that's what keeps you doing this year after year!

Thank you so much for giving the gift of your time to the ministry of these young adults. God bless you!

-Mother of a Confirmation camper